Luke, John and Anthony share a love of aviation. Seeing the benefit of working together, they teamed up to form AEROGROUP in 2023. They each bring a unique set of skills to bear in dealing with aircraft maintenance, management and piloting. Collectively they have over 67 years of aviation experience. If you’d like to know how AEROGROUP can meet your aircraft management needs, please reach out for a personal consultation.

Luke Robertson, USN Ret, MBA.
Luke’s aviation journey began in 1999 after graduating from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and entering the Naval Aviation flight program. He spent the next 20 years flying all over the world in seven unique Navy aircraft to include the Tomcat, Hornet, SuperHornet, Boeing 737 and McDonnel Douglas DC-9. Luke retired in Virginia Beach, VA, with his wife and young son in 2020 and began to broaden his civilian aviation professional experience to include contract piloting, flight instruction and aviation management. Having been involved in general aviation since 2013, Luke was aware of the unique aspects of owning and maintaining private aircraft. “There’s a lot of moving parts in aircraft management, not to mention the propellers and jet engines! Doing it alone is possible, but partnering with Anthony and John just made sense.” Luke holds FAA type ratings in the Boeing 737 and DC9, CFI, MEI, tailwheel and over 5,600 mishap free flight hours.
Anthony Garcia is from the Bay area in California and got started in aviation early, having grown up in an aviation family. Anthony’s father owned a fleet of General Aviation aircraft on leaseback to local flight schools. They also had a Stearman, which spawned his initial interest in working on Warbirds. After completing his formal aviation training in California, Anthony worked at various airplane shops until being recruited to the local Aviation Museum in Pungo, VA. In 2015, Anthony left the Aviation Museum and started his own consulting and aviation maintenance company tailored to fleet operations based out of Hampton Roads Executive airport. Since then, Anthony has specialized in airframes and powerplants systems of various turboprop and jet aircraft for private owners. A commercial pilot and aircraft owner himself, Anthony brings a unique mix of aviation expertise to the AEROGROUP team.
John Holden has been a commercial pilot since 1996. A native of Suffolk, VA, he attended Sewanee: University of the South and graduated with a BS in Biology and a Private Pilot License. John began his professional aviation career in the Summer of 1998. Since then John has flown 28 different types of aircraft and holds FAA type ratings in the Falcon DA50, Falcon DA2000, and Sikorsky S70. John has over 8,000 flight hours with a background in flight Instruction, Corporate Turboprop, Part 121 Airline, Part 135 World Wide Charter Operations, and Part 91 Corporate Jet Flight Operations.
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