Aircraft Management

Turboprop management

Aircraft Management

AEROGROUP Inc. management team assists private owners with all aspects of owning a multi-million dollar turboprop or jet aircraft. We offer concierge type service that allows our clients to enjoy the freedoms and positive aspects of owning an aircraft without the burden of the paperwork and minutia involved in keeping the aircraft insured, inspected, maintained, cleaned and staffed.

If you are considering having someone manage your aircraft you might be wondering what the biggest hurdles are:

Scheduling – Scheduling seems pretty straightforward, and for a single owner it can be. But just because you want to use your aircraft on Tuesday of next week…it doesn’t mean you can. There are many factors in aircraft availability, namely the aircraft itself. Is it safe for flight? Is a part of the airframe due for inspection? Does the weather on Tuesday support your mission? Is the runway long enough at the airport you want to fly into? And lastly – is there someone to fly you there?

Pilots – Our pilots are all trained in the aircraft they fly. They hold, at a minimum, a multi engine rating, instrument rating, commercial pilot rating and likely have been flying for at least a decade if not more. Our pilots will have completed a specific simulator or aircraft checkout in your type of aircraft and are required to maintain proficiency and currency before they can fly you or your passengers. Our pilots are qualified to fly as a single pilot so long as the aircraft is configured as such. That being said, some owners desire two pilots for added safety, which can be accommodated upon request.

Cleaning and Servicing – Just like a car or a boat, your aircraft will need to be cleaned both inside and out after each flight. A detailed washing, cleaning and waxing would normally occur at least annually if not more, depending on the level of use. Servicing of oils, hydraulic fluids, lavatory and any other consumable item will be performed during or after each mission.

Hangar – Hangar space is becoming harder to find. There just seems to be more demand for hangars every day while the supply of new hangars has not kept pace. In addition, the cost of renting a hangar can be significant for turbine and jet aircraft due to the space required. We can use our network and resources available to find hangar space if you don’t already have one rented.

Insurance – The insurance industry has undergone major tightening over the past few years. Fewer underwriters are available, driving supply down, while demand for private aircraft ownership has increased. This all leads to increased premiums for aircraft owners causing insurance to be a significant cost in ownership. We can help you obtain the proper insurance for your aircraft.
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